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Irish music sessions

We organise traditional Irish music sessions regularly at different locations. If you're a newcomer, scroll down for some sheetmusic and helpful hints about how sessions work. All musicians are welcome to join in!
We also have a regular schedule of slow sessions for people learning to play Irish music - newcomers are welcome! To find out about upcoming session dates, and for advice and updated info on the tunes played, join the email list by sending a blank email to:
or visit this website:

Session tunes

The best way to learn new tunes is to come along to sessions and listen. But you can also get started at home by downloading our and learning the tunes from the sheet music. If reading music isn't your thing, you can also look up the names of the tunes on a site such as for ABC notation, or search for an audio or video recording to hear the tune - the internet is full of these! Bear in mind though that tunes get played slightly differently according to location, and this is true for Oulu as well. So even if you already know a tune, be prepared to listen for a while to find out how it gets played in Oulu.

Session tips

Are you new to sessions and not sure how it all works? Don't worry! All you need is an open mind and a willingness to listen. Read our for some good tips.
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